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(Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors)

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       Do you pull your hair from your head, eyebrows, eyelashes,
       and/or elsewhere?

       Do you pick at your skin, beyond squeezing pimples?  

       Do you bite your nails excessively or other parts of your body?

       Do you feel like you have little or no control in these behaviors?           

       Are these things distressing and effecting your life too much?

If you answer yes, it may mean that you have a Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior (BFRB).  I can quickly assess and begin to provide effective
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) treatment.

BFRBs are usually chronic conditions that may last for years or decades without effective treatment.  The good news is that effective Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy treatments (CBT) are available.   A trained and experienced therapist can help find a starting place to show that it actually IS doable.

One purpose of OhioBFRBs.com is to provide some understanding of CBT treatment of BFRBs.


I am retiring and no longer accepting new clients. For other trained therapists in Ohio, go to https://www.bfrb.org/find-help-support/find-a-therapist.

The International Conference on BFRBs will be held outside of Chicago from 4/2/2020 through 4/5/2020.  I encourage EVERYONE with a BFRB to attend at least one conference, if at all possible.  I've attended a handful of them and they've been Fantastic.  Many literally find it a life changing experience!  For information  https://www.bfrb.org/find-help-support/events/event/69

An update of the Precision Medicine Initiative that TLC is funding to understand BFRBs from medical, genetic, and psychological levels.  This research has begun BPM

For those unfamiliar with Annette Pasternak, she is the author of Skin Picking: The Freedom to Finally Stop, the BEST BFRB book to date.  She recently published The Freedom Companion to Stop Skin Picking.  This can be a helpful aid to your recovery.  It helps you keep track of what Positive behaviors you engaged in your recovery that day.  NOT a substitute for her first book.  The same info is in her books for Hair Pulling and Nail Biting.  Lastly, check her out on YouTube.  I just discovered that she has a number of videos on BFRB recovery.

Annette has also published her recovery diaries at  http://www.stopskinpickingcoach.com/dermatillomania-diaries/  

A new resource for parents is at www.bfrb.org/forparents

Follow my Facebook Page for BFRB news and announcements at Cleveland Trichotillomania.

Regardless of your previous experiences, BFRBs ARE TREATABLE!!!

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