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BFRB Telemental Health

It has been well known for many decades that most areas of the country are vastly under served for most medical specialties.  There are very few  providers who are knowledgeable about treating people wth BFRBs, let alone in small towns and rural areas.  There are very few people in Ohio who claim expertise in working with BFRBs on either bfrb.org (8)  with an additional 5 listed on  www.iocdf.orgMost of these providers are in the greater Cleveland area.  The vast majority of the state has no local therapists who are trained to treat people with BFRBs.  This has lead me to offer telemental health services.

What is Telemental Health?

Telemental health refers to providing information and/or treatment to people remotely, rather than in a providers office.  Technically, this includes email, texting, telephone, and video conferencing.  While these services have been available for quite some time, they have yet to be employed widely due to lack of insurance reimbursement.  Some insurance policies currently cover video conferencing.  NONE cover the other methods. 

The healthcare field is in a large transition beginning to more widely make available telemental health and other telehealth services and for those services to be reimbursed by insurance companies.  Currently, a provider can ONLY provide services in the state(s) where they are licensed.  Also, the patient needs to be in that state at the time of receiving those services.  Many are predicting that pushes for national licensures will become stronger and then happen in the not too distant future.

Sufficient research has demonstrated that many mental health concerns have been shown to be effectively treated via telehealth.  While no research has studied treating BFRBs over the internet, some leading therapists who do some of their work over the internet, have reported their success rate has been similar to working with people in their office.

Long held concerns about telehealth are privacy and the technology being secure from not being able to be hacked.  In the last several years, more affordable technology has become available that is HIPPA compliant, which is an insurance mandate.  Concerns remain about recipients being in private places and not being disturbed by their children, co-workers, people coming to the door, etc.

Still Interested?

I realize that I won't be able to meet everyone's needs, whether it is a person's current life situation, lack of technology or ability to manage it, no insurance or ability to pay, etc.  I will do a brief screening prior to agreeing to work with you, to ensure that we have adequate technology and other factors so that we

What I am offering is HIPPA compliant video conferencing as a platform to deliver state of the art CBT treatment for people with BFRBs.  I will do this from my laptop.  What you will need at your end:

     1.  A computer (preferably) with a working video cam and a microphone, as well as your ability 
          to use them.  A tablet might be OK if it can handle the camera and microphone.
     2.  A private room where you won't be interrupted by children, co-workers, pets, vendors, etc.
     3.  The ability to be available when we schedule.    

If you are interested in coming to one of my offices, call (216) 520-5969.  Leave a message with your call back number if no one is able to pick up the phone when you call.  If you might want to work over the internet, send me an email at drmike@drmikemiller.com to get the ball rolling.

Contact me today to start your recovery from BFRBs!

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